Victoria in Central Park, NY.

Victoria is a very young girl from New York,  I met her on my visit in December 2014 and was my most beautiful gift of portraits so far, is not that other portraits are not good,  but maybe these have some sentimental value for be my first trip to this lovely place.

The photos were made in Central Park with low light, I thought the pictures would be a disaster because it was late, dark and I walked up to the Bronx when, by Facebook, she confirm availability. Remember that I sought a taxi like crazy for several minutes, at some point I told her if she wanted to go do it but, thank God, she waited for me.

It was a very cold, thermal clothes, jacket, vest, gloves, hat and camera in hand, but his nice vibe, eyes, smile, did easier cold afternoon.

Because of the scarcity of light pictures were taken at a very open aperture lens, however achieve sufficient sharpness and bokeh that I love, do not use any flash, my main job was to put to Victoria where the lights come to sneak from lamps and lanterns, I hope to please them.

Thanks Victoria.