About me.

Backstage of Hunter & Gatti shooting with Jon Kortajarena for GQ México Magazine.

Backstage of Hunter & Gatti shooting with Jon Kortajarena for GQ México Magazine.


Paris, as he prefers to be called, has positioned himself as a photographer with his own style in editorial, documentary and commercial photography. He was recently invited by Hunter & Gatti (New York / Barcelona) for be his assistant for an editorial shoot produced in Mexico for GQ Magazine (Covers and Editorial for Jon Kortajarena & Charlotte McKinney). 

He has done editorials for printed and online fashion magazines, and also worked for fashion designers and clothing stores in Mexico, Buenos Aires and New York.

He has won a call made by the Social Research Institute to collaborate with documentary photography of Mexican families in a book  released in 2017 in the "Museo de Arte Moderno" ( Museum of Modern Art ) México City.

In 2019 Paris exhibits his work in Art Galleries in México City and New York.

In Mexico he has given lectures and workshops in basic and advanced photography.

Projects and Collaborations:

  • Revista 192 - 2019

  • Exhibits in Art Galleries in México and New York, Sophart and Cadena Gallery - 2019

  • Hunter & Gatti assistant for GQ México Magazine shootings for covers and editorials (Jon Kortajarena & Charlotte McKinney).

  • Eagle Eyes, Campaign 2019 - Inova.

  • Raldh Cosmetics, Campaign 2019 - Another Company.

  • RevistaVIP (Brazil - March´18)

  • Toksick Magazine (New York - Nov`18)

  • LUVAN Magazine - September 2017 cover and editorial.

  • Ellements Magazine (Printed Issue, New York - Nov ´17)

  • Period Magazine (Printed Issue, New York - Sept ´17)

  • Breed Magazine (Printed Issue, New York - June ´17).

  • The Artist Community

  • Another Love Magazine, Print book.

  • Published and Interviewed by Junnnktank Webzine (Canada)

  • Published and Interviewed by Seamles Photography (Europe) & Arsenic (L.A.).

  • Vive México - Pueblos Mágicos / Secretaría de Turismo (Agency: Leo Burnett)

  • Tony Gali Governor Campaign (Agency: Pico Adworks)

  • Estilismo Collection (Two covers and editorial print issues)

  • Y-Not Magazine

  • Flesh Magazine

  • Égalité Magazine

  • Saracha Magazine

  • Paco de María (Universal Music).

  • Taquerías El Califa.

  • Splendido Gourmet.

  • Yellow Films

  • Rolando Santana Fashion Designer.

  • Panzai Boutique (NY)

  • MIK Indumentaria (Buenos Aires)

  • Albúm Covers (Amparo Rubín, The John Band, Menino Bulle).

  • Mirga Fashion Designer

  • Music Blogs (Anymore, Sicario).

  • Fotofilia International Congress (Speaker)

  • Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales. (Book) - Museum of Modern Art.