About me.

Backstage of Hunter & Gatti shooting  with Jon Kortajarena for GQ México Magazine.

Backstage of Hunter & Gatti shooting  with Jon Kortajarena for GQ México Magazine.


Paris, as he prefers to be called, has positioned himself as a photographer with his own style in editorial, documentary and commercial photography. He was recently invited by Hunter & Gatti (New York / Barcelona) for be his assistant for an editorial shoot produced in Mexico for GQ Magazine (Covers and Editorial for Jon Kortajarena & Charlotte McKinney). 

He has done editorials for printed and online fashion magazines, and also worked for fashion designers and clothing stores in Mexico, Buenos Aires and New York in a couple of times.

He has won a call made by the Social Research Institute to collaborate with documentary photography of Mexican families in a book that will soon be published and has also done a couple of exhibitions of his documentary work.

In Mexico he has given lectures and workshops in basic and advanced photography.

Projects and Collaborations:

  • Hunter & Gatti assistant for GQ México Magazine shootings for covers and editorials (Jon Kortajarena & Charlotte McKinney).
  • Vive México - Pueblos Mágicos / Secretaría de Turismo (Agency: Leo Burnett)
  • Tony Gali Governor Campaing (Agency: Pico Adworks)
  • Estilismo Collection.
  • Breed Magazine (New York)
  • Y-Not Magazine
  • Flesh Magazine
  • Égalité Magazine.
  • Saracha Magazine.
  • Paco de María (Universal Music).
  • Taquerías El Califa.
  • Splendido Gourmet.
  • Reebok Classics.
  • Yellow Films .
  • Rolando Santana Fashion Designer.
  • Panzai Boutique (NY)
  • MIK Indumentaria (Buenos Aires)
  • Albúm Covers (Amparo Rubín, The John Band, Menino Bulle).
  • Mirga Fashion Designer.
  • Music Blogs (Anymore, Sicario).