Interview for Seamless Photo (Ireland).

A few months ago I was contacted by the Marketing Manager of Seamless Photography , because they wanted to me to give them an interview about my work.

Maybe for so many people, Seamless is not very well know, I just can tell that they have one of the best photographers of the world like his ambassadors and they have featured photographers like Emily Soto, Marcus Bell, Lara Jade and Craig LaMere to name just a few.

So, for me was an amazing to know that they were interested in my work, I don’t know exactly how they find me, I never sent an email to them or whatever, and to be honest I did´t hear a lot of them because they are more focus in the European market, so for be latin, and specially Mexican was an a great honor for me.

I hope you can red the interview, thanks for be here!

You can read the interview right here.

Interviewed by Junnnktank Magazine

I remember it clear, I was in my bed, the first day of 2017 and I received an email from JUNNNKTANK (Matt) a website that I follow and admire trough their Instagram, they want me for an interview about my work.

Was a enormous honor, thinking that in  the past they´ve interviewed the likes of Imagine Dragons, The Naked and Famous, Alana Campos, Kari Michelle, Jean Pierrot, Emanuele Ferrari, Aja Dang, Sahara Ray, Skin Diamond, Jonathan Leder among others.

I wanna invite you to read the interview, Clicking here.

JUNNNKTANK is an arts & culture webzine that has been going strong since ’06 and is based out of Montreal. Our goal is to highlight inspiring individuals and artists.